The Geekulcha Student Society (GKSS) is a programme that seeks to grow the Geek culture on campus by introducing and exposing more students into the Geekulcha movement. GKSS builds Tech and Innovation capacity on campus with leaders of GKSS chapters at the forefront of driving change that is peculiar to their campus.

A year that was... 2019 has been a busy one, the GKSS chapters have put themselves out there to seek know and build their own portfolios in the industry. They have entered in various areas to help challenge the way of things in the society (building Digital Culture) and on campus.

Highlighting 10 things from 2019

In no particular order

STEM Development and Career Alignment

GKSS chapters are encouraged to help prepare and nurture the future of Tech in the country and as such, they drive development of young minds through the VacWork programme and in schools. This seeks to build Tech/Digital Excitation and Enlightenments onto our future leaders.

  • The VacWork programme in Tshwane
  • Human Centred Design - teaching programming to school learners.
  • Northern Cape ICT and Business VacWork in Carnarvon

It is commended of GKSS-TUT and GKSS-SPU who created Tutor Programme and Code Clinics to helps students (especially first-year) with Coding problems.

Mapping on Campus

HERE Technologies is a company that provides mapping and location data and related services to individuals and companies. In 2019, Geekulcha formed a partnership with HERE Technologies and as such, this involved driving mapping programmes on campus through GKSS.

Mapping on campus with HERE Maps
  • Mapathons in different campuses with HERE Maps
  • HERE Ambassadors on campus
  • Mapping Intelligence based Innovation

Internet of Things (IoT)

"The 4th Industrial Revolution", "The 4IR", "We live in the 4th Industrial Revolution"... these are the things you are probably tired of hearing. At the basis of 4IR are Connected Things and GKSS chapters have been playing a role in building a fertile ground. IoT has been gaining ground.

VUT Open Day - Making on campus

Industrial Exposure

Ultimate goal of GKSS is to build-up on one of Geekulcha's principles of exposing students to the industry. In 2019, GKSS leaders have been enabled to get access to the industry to their develop their skills and learn.

  • Meetings and workshops at partners organizations
  • Industry leaders on campus
  • Student vacation programmes

The GKSS Portal

To centralize information and profiling, the GKSS portal [] was revamped in 2019 for the purpose to include a campus feed.

Female Empowerment

In April 2018, Mixo and Tiyani gave the Geekulcha Women Empowerment mandate to the GKSS chapters. On top of this was to continue the drive for female leadership and representation on GKSS chapters.

Web Development workshop at UNISA

Information Security

With many Possibilities, even more Vulnerabilities are set to come town and we need to prepare an army of Digital Defenders. GKSS played a role in this preparation and also asserted their role in the notion of Secure By Design.

  • Security Summit Hackathon: Kimberley and Johannesburg
  • InfoSec Open Campus
  • Security at Hackathons and the VacWork

Innovation and Development

GKSS chapters were given a 60% mandate of socially-relevant leadership and that innovation coming up and developing tech solutions that matters. In his very first State of the Province Address, Premier Zamani Saul made a mention of team Dumela (GKSS-SPU leaders) in his address having came 2nd at SS19Hack.

Premier Zamani Saul mention of team Dumela

GKSS Leaders have helped in these Innovation platforms:

  • MTN TADHackJHB 2019
  • Autumn Dev Days 2019
  • SITA National Development Plan's Hackathon
  • Geekulcha Annual Hackathon 2019

Open Data and Civic Tech

South African Geeks have a critical to play helping improving a way of Government to enhance service delivery.

Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country - John F. Kennedy

GKSS chapters have enabled Open Data based programmes on campus through the Open Data South Africa project.

Mapping with Open Data

GKSS 2019 Awards

The Geekulcha Annual Hackathon also saw the announcement of the Geekulcha’s Student Society (GKSS) awards, with Sol Plaatje University winning the best GKSS chapter of the year for its contribution to advancing the society’s tech ecosystem.

  • Best Industry Partner: HERE Technologies
  • Best Project/Start-up: Dumela (GKSS-SPU)
  • Best Support Lecturer: Eva Mamabolo, Sol Plaatje University
  • Best Female Leader: Yolanda Mabusela, Vaal University of Technology
  • Best GKSS Chapter of 2019: Sol Plaatje University
  • Best Government Mentor: Muzi Ntombela, The Centre for Public Service Innovation
  • Student Leader of the Year: Mercy Makgale
Nomfundo Nkosi (GKSS Founding Chairperson), Lenah Kitenge (HERE Technologies) and Skinny (GKSS Manager)

As we end the year and prepare for a new one, a fresh new mandate for GKSS 2020 is being prepared to have GKSS as a strong force of tech base in the industry. We look forward to returning and new leaders.

We congratulate all the GKSS leaders who have graduated and will be graduating soon. The industry awaits - continue with leadership wherever you are.