My Father works in the SAPS and he once said that this thing of South Africa trying to equalize the gender in the police force is a bad idea because it's going to get them killed, they now have to protect an extra person who is standing in their way of duty. Only women who want to be in the police force and physically qualify to be there should be there, the rest should find something else to do.

What do you think? I'm a feminist but I have to agree with my dad.

We have to acknowledge our differences and embrace them, we are known to be problem solvers, home makers, love makers ;). Our hands can make amazing things but why are we not pushing this Maker DNA that we as women are born with?

"A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.” — Diane Mariechild.

Being a Maker is limitless, almost every field needs a Maker, be it in ICT, Construction, Innovation, Engineering, Science, Electronics, Arts, Catering, Beauty, Fashion and the list is simple endless! If you look back on the list, the first 6 that I mentioned, the Male gender dominates massively. Why is that?

I don't know if it's a lack of information but here's a list of some opportunities you can jump onto that will help you utilize your Maker DNA.

Geekulcha started embracing the Maker Culture last year through the Electronics Wednesday initiative.

Electronics Wednesday is a Geekulcha Maker initiative that brings students together to connect, learn, share and put skills to real work. The Maker session connects the worlds of Electronics and Mobile apps together through the big 4 phenomena:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Big Data
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

A topic of focus is chosen every week and you can join this movement by visiting the website: and through hackathons.

Joelle Umutoni, a female Maker, is a Computer Systems Engineering graduate, started as an Intern at Geekulcha and now is in charge of the Geekulcha Electronics division. She runs the Electronics Wednesday sessions and any other electronics projects.

The House4Hack is an initiative to bring together technology specialists and entrepreneurs in an informal setting. The setting is a 400 m² house in Lyttleton Manor in Centurion and will be equipped with various prototyping tools.

They are trying to combine concepts from hackerspaces and innovation incubators in a way that hobbyists, folks stuck in corporations (read slavery) or want to take a break from your regular job can experiment with start-ups in a safe friendly environment.

Please contact our friend Schalk dot heunis at gmail dot com, if this sounds like you!

Here are other Maker Houses

  • UP Maker Space
  • Durban MakerSpaceZA
  • Cape Town MakerSpace,
  • Maker Library Network

All these places are male dominated but there's more than enough room and opportunities for all you ladies, so grab them and let's show these boys what we are made off.

I am a 23 year old Female Maker, started my own company called Fema Science and Technology Innovations. I have 15 inventions and innovations that are creating solutions for women. In future, the company looks to employ women only.

I'm also one of the leaders of Raeketsetsa which is another initiative under Geekulcha aiming to increase the number of women in ICT encouraging and training them in various sectors of ICT from an early age and I'm proud to say I'm also one of the Geeks at Geekulcha. I grab every opportunity to be a Maker and to inspire another Makers.

Now ask yourself this question, why aren't you a maker?

I hope you're inspired.