Geekulcha is very young in business years. Yes, it is an IT base, however, it is built up of a range of circumstances, individuals and experiences. The common ground is the positive knowledge that it has managed to share about ICT. Through the years, we have become stronger as a team and have managed to grow as an organisation. Who would’ve thought that a group of students who shared mutual interest could have such influence?

Below is what some of our Geeks have to say:

“I am a Graphic designer, photographer and illustrator and I joined the Geekulcha crew about a year ago. I have since learnt so much about fields that are related to my own such as UI design, web design, web development and also about team effort. I also got to realise that one can always learn from another person's experience and skills, no matter which field they are in. Geekulcha is perfect for the person who is willing to learn and share their experience with others. I am glad that I get the chance to be around such talented and passionate people.”


“Being a member of Geekulcha has been a wonderful experience thus far. I have learned and mastered Android mobile app development and I have been involved in various projects. Now I’m learning and working on web development. Geekulcha has also exposed me to community outreach, such as the eKasi Labs program, which is what makes Geekulcha unique and I am proud to be part of it.”


“As a student in the ICT field, Geekulcha has helped me in many different ways. It helped me better my skills. I went from someone who knew nothing about mobile application development to someone who can actually build a fully functional application (Android). Geekulcha has taken part in many projects to help not only students in the ICT field but also pupils from high schools which I think it’s a great initiative. It closes the knowledge gap that we have from high school to university and from university to the industry. Overall, I believe being at Geekulcha was a privilege and I am happy to be a part of it.”


“Geekulcha has taught me that passion truly is a great driver of success. Since joining Geekulcha last year, we have matured into a well-recognised organisation. We have achieved a lot by seeing beyond financial boundaries. I joined as a student, now being an employee, I can comment from both sides how programs like Geekulcha contribute to the ICT community. What is great about Geekulcha is that you are not limited. It takes you where your interests take you. The confirmation that I am in the right industry came from Geekulcha. Thank you.”


“I've been part of the Geekulcha core team for almost a year now. Although I'm currently not full time with the team at the hub, I am still very much involved in major activities organised by GK. I am also contributing to the development of a couple of web applications for GK. I've met incredible young talented people and I have had the privilege of working with some of them and still do. GK is actively working at bridging the gap between ICT student community and companies in need of their skills. So far is doing a great job at it and the best is still to come.”


“The journey with Geekulcha has allowed me grow and explore the ICT field on large scale. It has opened many doors of opportunity in various aspects as a developer, engineer, innovator, analyst, speaker and leader. Honestly, I hated programming and software development before I joined Geekulcha. The programme has allowed me to grow and find interest between various fields and integrate them together. I’ve had experiences with TEDxPretoria, Tech4Africa, Nedbank marketing summit, among others through Geekulcha.__ An opportunity to lead the tech element of Geekulcha has been interesting in regard to building an army of Geeks that live on using technology to solve real life programs. Geekulcha has given me room for initiative and I have been able to establish initiatives such Geekulcha Electronics (with Electronics Wednesday) and Future GeekStars (with GK Vacation Work program).”


“I view GK as a platform that enables one to shine as they do what they enjoy. For the fact that it is a place filled with youngsters, it is warm to be around because everybody in it is eager to learn and explore different technologies. Even if one was to come through uninspired, something from their adrenalin is triggered and they can join in with everybody and learn.__Personally, GK has groomed me to be very confident in what I do. I have learnt to develop in a number of platforms and be sure enough in the skills I have.”


“Geekulcha is a very good platform, or movement as we call it, for every young person to consider joining. It might be a start-up but its voice is so loud that the whole of South Africa can hear it dark or blue. It has changed how I think about a lot of things. It changed how I speak, how I do things when it comes to my developer career and how to lead a team. I like the fact that they throw you into something you don't even know and guide you through it in one peace. It helps you learn different things with no limits. Through GK I have realised that I have very strong drive to teach children. I will say, Geekulcha is a one step ahead start-up and am proud to say am a Geek. I say Geekulcha is the next Facebook, SA should watch the space.”


“The GK experience has been worth it. I’ve gotten to know different people from different backgrounds but with equal or even more interest in technology. What really took me to embrace and join GK is the philosophy that is preached and brought up by Mixo that is Create a community around technology and be the bridge between the universities and colleges to the Industry world I hope this philosophy continues for many years to come. I trust that GK will continue to grow and become the point of reference for Tech Students.”