During the Youth Month, Geekulcha name and honor Top 15 Young Geeks in South Africa. These are the minds marking their stamp and playing a greater role in the Digital Revolution. These are Geeks who have been identified as being a role player in the transformation.


Tshireletso Kgabi, Cyber Security Engineer at Performanta Group

First in South Africa and Africa to be a CyberArk Delivery Engineer. The youngest female Technical security lady in PAM. Experienced Cyber Security Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer and network security industry and bank industry.

Started off as a sales rep in Namibia and soon moved back to South Africa for varsity and became a radio presenter and programmer during her studies in Electrical Engineering: Computer Systems.

Listed as a Hall of Famer on EC-Council University Cyber Challenge page.


She has a passion for engineering and incorporating that skill set to build and maintain complex systems into the security industry has been an interesting and fruitful journey for her. Engineers also need to understand cyber security now more than ever as attacks on infrastructure have happened before.

'We need to understand how to build better and more secure infrastructure to keep hackers out.'

Her journey in cyber security has seen me acquire skills in networking, security architecture and governance, vulnerability assessment, risk analysis and mitigation.


Source: crawfordgts.com

Her years in Namibia made her realize the skills shortage in South Africa both in engineering and cyber security, more so with the gap between males and females within these industries which made her come back to make a difference in this regard no matter how small.


She's currently doing research for addressing and finding alternative renewable ways of producing electrical energy without emission of pollution by use of IoT and kinetic energy as South Africa is one of the highest air pollution producers.

Intellectuals solve problems. Geniuses prevent them.

  • Albert Einstein

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