The Geek ecosystem in South Africa is vibrant and ready to play a critical role in helping with the digital transformation of our common society. With a community of over 9 000 students, Geekulcha celebrates some of the coolest young Geeks in the country. Honouring Top 15 Young Geeks in the country who are playing a part in the Digital Revolution.

Meet Regina Kgatle

Cleverly disguising educational content in arcade-style games, Regina Kgatle is blurring the boundaries between learning and play. Her company, Educade, offers a selection of games that are suitable for the national curriculum, and each game is housed in an Educational Arcade Machine made from e-waste and other recycled materials.

Educade emphasizes the positive role of teaching through technological platforms and the importance of play as a learning incentive.

Regina also founded 67Games with a belief that well-crafted games and playful media experiences can function as a conduit for educational content. 67Games is shaping up the educational gaming industry, bringing fun to learning.

Over time, Regina hopes, her arcade games will not only address gaps in the education system but will also instill a love of learning in the children who play them.

She was an artist in residence at the Fakugesi Digital Innovation Festival in 2016 and showcased some of her great work with Google Cardboard VR games.

Reach out to her:

Twitter: @RrrEeGina