Mabu Manaileng was born and raised at a village called Ga-Masemola in the Sekhukhune district of Limpopo. He obtained his M.Sc. in computer science focusing on Artificial Intelligence (AI) from University of Limpopo β€” Turfloop Campus.

Mabu is a full time geek who is either coding, reading books or watching MOOCs.
He enjoys reading non-fiction, biographies and history - citing Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari as one of his favourite reads.

Mabu touched a computer for the first time when he got to university and has been fascinated since. 'In my first year, I literally slept in the lab. I just couldn't believe that anything could be as fascinating as a PC'.

I could either watch it happen or be a part of it.

  • Elon Musk

He has since been pursuing research in AI and machine learning as he seeks to unlock its potential in changing Africa, the world and everything else.

Here is the motivation for Mabu as being part of the list:

  • Mabu is part of the Data Wizards that has been doing Data Science at a greater level at hackathons
  • He is a Geek of note in the South African tech ecosystem and commmunicates his tech projects very well

"I cannot begin to express how honoured I am to be recognised by an organisation I so immensely respect and look up to. I am more than grateful", said Mabu.

Dear South African Geeks: We find ourselves in a very special and opportune moment of the AI revolution. We should not overlook the opportunities presented by this age of big data and machine learning. Our responsibility is to consume as much knowledge possible and then apply ourselves and our smarts to the many problems facing our country and continent. No problem is off limits for ML. Remember this: the goal is not to sound or appear like you know things but rather to learn and apply your knowledge to practical problems.

Connect with Mabu:

Twitter: @thisMabu
LinkedIn: manailengmj
GitHub: mabu-dev