Before joining PricewaterhouseCoopers in May 2017, Gift worked as a SAPS junior commissioner for two years where he specialized in crime prevention and investigation.

Gift did actuarial research for ASABA where he derived donor equity fund models for financial inclusion in southern Africa. He helped to promote awareness and involvement in initiatives for financial inclusion that are relevant to the actuarial profession such as data analytics for SAMF and IMO mentoring.

Gift lectured Advanced Mathematics and Statistics at Turning Point Tutors for 2 years prior from joining PwC.

Gift also specialises in information security, robotic process automation, security architecture, vulnerability assessments and penetration testing. He has won various hackathon including the PwC information security hackathon, The CSIR data science challenge, The Telkom heckathon,The Marabele Business Club challenge , African Institute of Mathematical Sciences summer school programming challenge.

He went to Jinan University in China working on supercomputing models. He is currently partaking in BrainBar European most innovative festival, contributing to Brandlive radio, a vociferous Radio 702 interviewee. Currently doing academic research while studying Agricultural Engineering in Budapest.

It seems impossible until it is done

  • Nelson Mandela

Dear South African Geeks: I love my country profusely and I am always hacking new solutions to better our communities. From the dusty streets of a remote rural area to the world of new possibilities, join me as we push boundaries and inspire a generation of hackers. I am hacking seamless agricultural solutions to access quality food and eradicate poverty, I am hacking solutions to get back the land and use secure added-on object model to code super intelligent AI.

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