During the Youth Month, Geekulcha name and honor Top 15 Young Geeks in South Africa. These are the minds marking their stamp and playing a greater role in the Digital Revolution. These are Geeks who have been identified as being a role player in the transformation.


Meet Dan Nyabadza, Head of Research at Digitech Group

A diligent, hardworking and a wealth of technological insightful Geek. He has proven over the course of three years in his dedication to his work that talent alone cannot cut it.

Turned down a fully paid british scholarship to produce a technology that has won several awards and recognition across the continent now on the route to market bagging this recognition is the only thing short on his list and a relevant candidate of stellar performance

Source: https://en.everybodywiki.com/DanNyabadza

  • The Pathfinder Smartcane Tech Hour (An online radio show)
  • Pan African Robotics Challenge (Team South Africa Coach 2018)
  • Next Einstein Forum's Challenge of the inventions (Continental final top 16 candidates)
  • Black Management Forum's Inventor of the Year 2018 (top two finalist)
  • TED-Ed licensee UN Migration Week 2018 Organizing Team (UN Major Groups for Children and Youth Thermatic team PR personnel).

Amateurs call it genius, Masters call it practice.

  • Thierry Daniel Henry

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