"We are not here to massage your feelings"... this is one of the best things heard at a university protest. A number of strikes have been prevalent  at South African institutions and have disrupted academic calendars. When 2020 started, no doubt - some students did expect some protests at their institutions but never did anyone anticipate the havoc caused by Covid-19.

Student life might never be the same again, Covid-19 is likely to stick around for some time.  Geekulcha calls on its student leaders in 2021 to increase efforts in supporting students on campus navigate, achieve greater academic goals and growth their career prospects in their chose fields of study.

The Geekulcha Student Society (GKSS) leaders are requested to be impact driven on campus and society. All leaders must set up mechanisms to hear, document and address the needs of the students.

Student Tech and Innovation Beyond The Surface

The leaders of the Geekulcha Student Society have been given a mandate of the that seeks to achieve the following aspects:

  • Inclusive Leadership: GKSS chapters are required to be gender-balanced and includes a 1st-year student.
  • Socially-relevant: Remain conscious and proactive towards societal needs and built solutions for greater impact.
  • Industry-oriented: All GKSS activities must be guided by what’s happening and standard to the industry.
  • Enlightening the Future: Contribute towards STEM careers alignment and development onto young minds.
  • Tech Excitation and Enlightenment: Expose fellow students to new and emerging opportunities in the sector.

GKSS is set out against these goals of development to strive for a vibrant and socially-relevant Geek Culture on campus and society through innovation and creativity.

Here is how the year looks f0r GKSS 2021.

1. Industry and Life Savvy

We have seen already in 2021, GKSS chapters such as the Belgium campus have hosted sessions to introduce and expose students on AI technologies. Furthermore, they have partnered with Liberty to host a "Mind My Money" webinars.

GKSS leaders are urged to utilize open source tools and help support the local open source agenda.

2. The GKSS Leaders Challenge Challenge 2021

The GKSS 2021 Leaders Challenge is created to help unearth Student Innovation on campus and society. As a GKSS leader, you are expected to be at the forefront of change for better environment and enabling growth of fellow students.

This year, the challenge has a longer time span to help you think through on what would created impact for better life on campus and society.

3. Hackathons and Code Clinics

Sol Plaatje University in Kimberley as a found GKSS chapter university have been in motion to explore different methods to support students in their academic activities beyond the class rooms.

The creation of the Open Campus programme was strategic in building an open source agenda and connect students better to industry leaders.

4. Women Empowerment and Inclusive Development

Some of the GKSS have set focus on empowering more female Geeks and marginalised members of the community. GKSS Waterberg in Mokopane has identified organizations that will help in this journey.

GKSS UNISA in Pretoria is on a mission to expose young minds, especially those in high school, to different technologies in the industry.

Female Geeks across the continent are challenged to stand up and boldly say "We are doing it ourselves". This notion is supported through the Raeketsetsa programme.

5. GKSS Leaders Awards

In recognizing and celebrating GKSS leaders, the GKSS 2021 Awards were created to profile GKSS leaders doing the most in their own chapters and society.

Nominations for GKSS 2021 Awards will open July 2021.

Geekulcha is excited about GKSS2021 and wishes all the leaders the best of luck in their academic, career prospects and overall growth.

Let's strive for greater impact.