Authors: Rhulani Salani and Prudence Mahlangu
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It’s so easy to follow the crowd, to fake a smile, to do what pleases everyone but at the end of the day there is a battle inside each of us, a battle to find ourselves, our true purpose, to find fulfillment, to find joy.

Many are times where we settle for less because we think we have reached our limit, that 9 to 5 job, that basic salary.

We have been programmed from an early age by the system of the world to think in a particular way: you are born, you go through approximately 15 years of education and then work for someone.

It is not wrong, however, it has limited our capacity to expand.
It’s only a few people that explode and stand out. They live life to its fullest potential and they’re usually the ones who make an impact in their generations.

I love the way cartons are programmed to think, they have no limits, no boundaries, anything is possible in their world, as much as that world does not exist, I think our world would be more spontaneous and amazing if we had such thinking capabilities.

Have we reached a point where life is not cherished, celebrated and explored as it should? Are we stuck in our own misery?

At the end of the day true fulfillment is when you’re living in your purpose, each one of us is born for a reason. and that reason is your purpose. We are born to flourish and expand.

For as long as that inner man in you is not satisfied, keep on running, running towards your dreams, your goals, your aspirations. All things are possible to those who believes in themselves.

Don’t find yourself in a situation where one day you will look back at your life a and wish you could start again.

Whether you’re a teenager, you’re in your early twenties or even late 50s, life has no age restrictions, be the best in your field, be the best you can be, be original. maximize you.