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Startup Grind Pretoria: A monthly events series that highlights the success and failure of startups in Pretoria. No membership needed, and open to anyone from skilled entrepreneur, through to those that are in corporate and wanting to know more.

Chapter Director: Monde Zuma

With PayFast as the main local sponsor, the latest edition of Startup Grind Pretoria took place 15 January with a focus on "Personal Branding vs Business Branding". Startup Grind Pretoria started off in a usual fashion where the Director (host) introduced everyone to Startup Grind, highlighted all local chapters and partners afforded an opportunity to speaker to the audience.


The invited subject matter experts, guest speakers, Raksha Mahabeer and Sandhya Singh are founders of company called SummerTime.

To an awe moment, the ladies briefly explained what Branding is and as to what is the difference between Personal Branding and Business Branding. Raksha articulated: "For me it is the unique space that you capture in a client’s mind".

When asked if it's important to have Branding, Sandhya said "'s like waking on this planet without a name."

How do you build your Personal Brand: Being Intentional. Don’t let be a consequence of your actions. See yourself as a brand. Know thy self. People don’t buy what you do but why you do it.

Is it advisable to seperate your face from the Business Branding?

Raksha iterated that this decision need to be made at a very early stage of your business as it is part of the Business Strategy.

Key takeaways from Startup Grind Pretoria:

  1. Be intentional with your Branding
  2. What’s the point of doing everything else if you can’t a unique space in the market?
  3. Consistency is key, do not change your business every 2 years - you will confuse your customers
  4. Everything you do, must resonate with your value system.
  5. You are the master of yourself (in Personal Branding)

Be sure not to miss the next Startup Grind Pretoria event which will take place 12 February 2019.