Written by Ms Oitumetse Lekana & Mrs Lungile Mohale
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Do geeks have a social life? Hell yeah. Days are gone where geeks were a marginalised group of individuals, stereotyped as boring, extroverts, creepy, not fun and male.There are four different type of geeks.

The night owl who codes in dreams and is always up late, the early Bird who has breakfast by the keyboard ,the perfectionist always on time leaves helpful notes no room for errors and lastly, the wildcard thinks totally outside of the brackets, loves experimenting with codes.

So, which one are you?

The real question here is when do you break free from the pc and all the projects you are consumed by??? All geeks need a break from their computer screens whichever geek you may be and have a life. It is time geeks be identified as normal people, with a life, who have fun, go out, socialize and learn new things that are not tech related.

These are some of the cool activities that we reckon are worth trying out bounceinc and Bowling both in Menlyn lastly klitsgras get a drumming experience with amphitheater around a cozy fire with professionals and novices. It will help improve your coordination,balance and muscle development.

This is for my social geeks who don’t confine themselves to the “loser life”, there is life outside tech, go and explore, you can always take your laptop with.