Skateboarding is a fairly popular game in South Africa amongst youth. It is used for recreation, sport, transport mode and to make a living. One of the biggest Skateboarding events is the Kimberley Diamond Cup which takes place in the Northern Cape province with the Skateboarding World Championships.

Geekulcha began a collaboration with the Northern Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism (DEDAT) to explore possibilities of skateboarding as a stimulant for Science and Technology career paths.

The journey began at the Skateboarding For Hope organized by KDC where a Sports Science workshop was hosted to introduce local youth into the world of Tech. These youngsters love skating, hence it was necessary to use what they know already and enable them to more possibilities with skateboarding.

"Making skateboards smart and cool" is what this collaboration has been driving. The Geekulcha team engage with skaters to hear their ideas and then set the ideas in motion. Power of Open Source and Making put into play in efforts to inspire the youth.

As the world and things get more connect, it is important to realize the value of ICT as an enabler in almost each and every field.

We believe that this is one of the methods to drive Tech Education and equip the youth with adequate skills needed for the future. Skateboarding is art and brings about creativity, let's channel that energy in attracting more youth in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.