In recent years, many surveys which have been conducted on education system say that Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) help enhance learning outcomes and improve access to education.

ICT literacy is the ability to use digital technology, communication tools and/or networks to define, access, manage, integrate, evaluate, create and communicate information ethically and legally in order to function in a knowledge society.

“To succeed, it is not enough to master technical skills: we must also know how to apply them within an information society”, theme behind ICT literacy. Here, I’d like to discuss few important things about role of ICT in education.

As we know, with the help of Internet, we’re now able to access any information right in front of our monitor and also explore the whole world just at our finger tips. That were the Initiative for Geekulcha Northern Cape was established in the Northern Cape to expose the communities with Tech/Entrepreneurship for a smart and an inclusive province.

SkateHacks is an initiative by Geekulcha and the Northern Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism (DeDaT) - Sports Science Workshops and Maker/Developer activities during the Skateboarding For Hope and the Kimberley Diamond Cup championship events.

This is in efforts to encourage youngsters to follow the path of Sports and Science and be involved in making the Northern Cape a smart and an inclusive province. The mission is drived by the Knowledge and Innovation Economy sub-programme of DeDaT.

My role at the SkateHacks event was to teach the youngsters how to make a Mobile Apps, the theme in the software part was “To make a Mobile App can be easy “ Teaching youngsters how to make a Mobile Apps for social relevancy and for skateboarding.

Youngsters were taught about the Rapid Applications Development platform (MIT App Inventor) and were very enthusiastic to start build their own apps. A lot of young scholars also wanted to know the career field of the software development and how can one fellow the career route.

The advice I gave the young scholars was after learning ICT Skills it’s important for them to identify problems that they are facing in the communities and come up with Tech solutions in making the province a smart city.

By Palesa Antony

Junior Web/Mobile Developer for Geekulcha