I am Phathutshedzo "Phathu" Khabubu and I love expressing myself through computers. Computers have been my way of speaking to the world, my route to discovery. They (Computers) led me to discover a tool of expression which is a startup I founded; Colourful Black Pty Ltd that owns The Plug Social Platform and additional startup I co-founded with my brother, called Open Kasi.

Open Kasi is a startup we co-founded at the Geekulcha Hackathon 2017, as a tool for small, medium and micro enterprise that allows them to do their accounting processes without requiring technical accounting knowledge.

Our value-proposition is based on this: "Imagine we treated businesses like lego blocks, where you put money together on what we use, therefore Open Kasi offers you a collection of addons like Quotations, Invoices and Budgets that you can add to your business so that you use what you pay and pay what you use. Interesting right?" and that idea was discovered at a hackathon. See, "Hackathons are to us "Geeks" what church is to christians."

Hackathons are a place of sanctuary to most of us, to me they have been a place not only to display my skills but to also inspire other people to grow together, and is at this point where Hackathons are the reasons why we as developers build platforms and ideas we have because we want to share it with someone, we want those same
ideas to be seen by an investor or a person of interest and more specifically Hackathons have the best food.

Tiyani Nghonyama (Geekulcha COO) had this to say about Phatthu: "Phathu is one of the one of the most dedicated young developers I've ever met in South Africa. Always up for a challenge and to help other developers. It was no wonder why we won the Ultimate GeekStar prize at the annual RHOK Pretoria Hackathon."


In additions Hackathons have helped me embrace the spirit of togetherness that we have made public a tool to build intelligent applications like Siri to the
general public for free. So that we can grow the ecosystem of a smart environment here in Africa too.

In conclusion, it is important to know that Hackathons are not just for "techy" people but the are for everyone, who wants to build on their passion and ideas. So
If you ever feel like it go to Hackathons, hopefully you will find me.