Social media? What's in it for you and your business? Our guest blogger, Mr Vinay Naran gives some insights around the subject.

Decided to randomly browse through my previous post this evening – Yes I am aware of how socially active my lifestyle is. A certain paragraph however had me not go any further. Read it, read it again, thought, considered, visualized, read it again, thought and stopped….."wait a min" I mumbled to myself, “this is actually bigger than we think it to be, deeper than just that on the surface.

Everyone seems to be scrambling to utilize social media in any way they can. Consumers are spending more time on social networks than on any other kind of website - This presents an opportunity for those seeking to build and strengthen relationships with customers. Does it not?

It's not an overstatement to say social media is transforming every aspect of business. Please do take into consideration that when I mention social media I do by all means exclude those of you that are reading this and trying to align that mentioned to your yearly Facebook status update…neither the Twitter handle that displays the last tweet warning tweetland of the Y2k bug.

On a more serious note though, even as I type this I wonder to myself if we really do understand how big this social media revolution actually is. Yes I know everything everywhere is about ‘like my page ‘here’ follow me there’ ‘requesting to be pinned to boards and shared amongst friends. But my friends, okay and my followers too, pause for a moment as a business owner that is active on social media platforms, and reflect on how the behavior of those purchasing your products and services has drastically changed – Cetris paribus, just in respect of social media itself.

Does it not scare you that you employees and your customers, oh and your business partners too, can converge at the same place and share what they each think even while training with Sir Branson for their galactic virgin of a mission? The thought is overwhelming to be honest, I can just see screwing up resulting in a business going from hero to zero in 2 likes, 1 comment and 15 shares. Ouch!

Realise this – Social media is for more than just marketing. Social media is more than just being able to allow you to market goods and services differently to that in the past. I think we should have a part 3 focusing on the how and why of why the how, agreed?

Innovation has become the “flavour” of the year, it is now a growing social and economic imperative, it is a call to action to be more innovative more often. If innovation begins with the keen observation of people and their behavior - as humans observing our experiences – Should you not begin to consider embracing social media and how it can transform your business?

It’s easier to figure out how to get people’s attention when you first create something worthy of holding it, said the Bearded Man. You cannot build the wondrous upon a base of the forgettable.