It was 40 years ago, the youth of Soweto took to the streets and made history in a struggle for change. Inspiration is drawn from the youth that stood for something, a better life and access for all. Today, the young came out in numbers to realize their goals and find thrill through Skateboarding.

The Kimberley Diamond Cup is one of the richest skateboarding competitions in the world with national tours that lead up to the Skateboarding World Championships. The Soweto stop - Grand Slam was yet another regional qualifier event for the finals happening 03 - 08 October in Kimberley.

Northern Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism and Geekulcha established the SkateHacks initiative to grow more interest into Science and Technology through Skateboarding.

Through the Maker Library Network, Geekulcha brought tech activities into Soweto during the Grand Slam edition. As the world gets smarter and more integrated, people should also connect more. Skater meets Maker to share ideas and set them on motion to make skateboards more cool and smarter.

Skaters skate, Makers make - all have to learn each other to embrace the art and creativity. Some of the skaters we met from the last tours are now a bit more tech-savvy and suggesting more ideas. Makers, are now challenged to learn how to skate.

A skateboard was hacked with an app that shows the information from the skateboard such as the altitude, speed and shows the skater how much they have skated per day. More ideas are tested through engagements with the skaters. Another project was the HacXercises which gamifies exercise - the right way.

Great talent came out to play such as the 10 year old Boipelo from Kimberley who wowed everyone with her skills. It's amazing to see young talent taking a chance to play with the big boys and girls in the game.

Many hands can make light work, we shall continue making the two worlds meet for a greater skills development. Youth have an important role to play in taking the country forward through the Collaboration Economy and Social Cohesion.

Congratulations to all the winners, we are confident that you will make the country proud at the main KDC event, we can't wait.

Our friends at Htxt.Africa wrote article on our SkateHacks drive: What's happened at SkateHacks tours + how you can still get involved. Check it out and get involved.

Stay alert of the SkateHacks activities, next stop is at the Geekulcha annual hackathon - #GKHack16.