The Geekulcha Student Society (GKSS) was founded in 2015 as a collaboration between Geekulcha and the Northern Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism. Today it has chapters on 18 campuses, in six provinces.

It was to help build and shape the leadership capacity across campuses and encourage tomorrow’s captains of industry to find their place in tech. The GKSS leadership deserves to be honoured for the pivotal role it has played in numerous hackathons hosted by Geekulcha over the past year.

Meet Mercy Makgale, GKSS Leader of the Year

Mercy describes himself as a young, energetic, vibrant with the heart and passion for the world of Technology.

As a founding chairperson of GKSS-VUT, Mercy has led the chapter with a need to expose more students to opportunities even outside campus. The chapter managed to build a great level of traction in the industry and have an identity of a vibrant tech platform.

Information Security Skills Capacity

An interest in Information Security seem to be at a higher level at the Vaal University of Technology and these are some of the actions taken.

  • CTF Challenge at #SummerDevDays of 2018
  • Higher representation of VUT students at the Security Summit Hackathon
  • VUT Open Day, the GKSS Leaders ran awareness drives

Mrcy promises to reach more communities around the Vaal area in 2020 as GKSS is set on 60% Social Responsibility.