Many of us grew up in villages and we still remember the way of life in a village: Your child is my child and my child is your child. You can't leave an African home without eating anything and as much as we hated those taboos "swiyila", deep down we know that they were meant to protect and build us.

Grandmothers/fathers have been great mentors of life hacks through Indigenous Knowledge for us to be where we are.

Can indigenous Knowledge and Social Activism drive us in building the country's capacity? What drives a Knowledge Economy? Geekulcha believes in establishing communities and ecosystems to ensure growth of all persons in the space that they are in.

School/Varsity drop-out rates continues to escalate and many people tend to loose focus and/or interest, particularly in the ICT field. Students can do better in finding their path on their chosen field with a little guidance - a helping hand to show light on their difficult/dark path.


Geekulcha is on a quest to finding dedicated individuals who are willing to spare some of their time to serve as mentors to the Geekulcha Tech and Entrepreneurship Community.

The way of education keeps on evolving, we need to realize the value in Sharing Economy, invest time and skills and ensure that the skills are constantly being put to work. Be at the fore-front of nurturing progress.

To become a Geekulcha Mentor, apply HERE.