It's the end of the year and it has been a long one for all of us, under the circumstances. Nonetheless, some exciting things happened in between for us. We welcomed new members into our team and one of them was Lisette Mukeba who happened to be our 100th appointment in the past 7 years of  Geekulcha.

Meet Lisette Mukeba

I am Lisette Mukeba - a System Developer at Geekulcha. Well, there is more to it. After completing my matric in 2016, I had no plans of throwing myself into technology. My focus was mostly on science. Regardless, I always had talks with friends about how technology is positively impacting and shaping the world, something that I had the thirst to be part of.

Fast forward to varsity where I was ready and excited to start my journey in the computer engineering field at Tshwane university of Technology. As a final year undergraduate student, I cultivated teamwork while performing semester projects which were based on coding and implementing external circuits using micro-controllers and many other assignments with my classmates. I worked on some cool projects such as the Security System, which was written in VHDL, using an Altera Board as control device.

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I dedicate myself to learning Computer Software, Hardware devices and their important outcomes towards the environment, the economy, and the society in general.

Other Computer Skills

  • VHDL
  • Programming (C++)
  • Microsoft Products
  • Arduino
  • Assembly Language
  • HTML
  • SQL

My journey with Geekulcha

My experience in the industry has been giving me the privilege to improve my skills in building Systems using PHP, HTML, and CSS while staying updated with new programming languages. I never said “when I grow up, I want to be a system developer”, I just started doing it because I knew how and now, I am perfectly happy with it.

I am currently part of the system developers’ team at Geekulcha, one great opportunity I came across this year. I joined the Geekulcha team in August 2020. It has been wonderful working on different projects while learning from my co-workers, and improving my coding skills.

At Geekulcha, I have been building some cool systems and also taking part in events such as the 2020 National 4IR TVET Event. But most importantly I have been learning. I can say that experience is as important as knowledge and both are the very best way to keep going forward every single day.

>A day without learning something is always a day wasted.

Challenges of being a female coder

Challenges? Why not talk about the advantages? Being a female programmer, personally I cannot think of any challenges I have faced. I find it very helpful to spend time with other female developers and share the passion for coding.

Coding improves my problem-solving skills, and I feel like I can solve any problem that comes my way. Ability and experience are much more significant than gender. The computer does not know if you are a male or female.

Advice to other female Geeks and Students.

The industry has a lot to offer to every student and it is the student’s duty to grab every opportunity and make it a life experience. I would like to encourage all the students to let themselves be guided by their Mentors, engage themselves and keep a positive attitude in learning during the journey they are taking in the industry.

When you are a developer, every day is a huge learning experience. You are solving problems and debugging issues and it can get frustrating at some point, one thing to remember is the main reason why you started.

To all the young girls out there who want to pursue a career in programming, remember that a woman wrote the first programming language, a woman created the first compiler. There are no reasons women cannot be programmers.