Basically, the basic idea in the Tech world is to basically keep interest in big and emerging technologies that will basically disrupt our world as we basically know it.

The Intel RealSense 3D camera is amongst those upcoming technologies in South Africa to create a futuristic world, "this is where it all changes" as promoted with everybody's favourite nerd, Sheldon Cooper!

Geekulcha Electronics (Maker initiative) decided to host an Intel RealSense seminar that aimed at finding Business Sense out of the technology. About 33 Makers/Entrepreneurs participated in this seminar and got to spend time learning and working with the camera. A seminar about futuristic technologies could not had been complete without the Future GeekStars themselves, Geekulcha VacWork scholars formed part of the seminar.

The seminar was hosted at the Tshwane Innovation Zone, a city's pop-in area for creativity and reach out to city's innovation support structures. We are celebrating the Global Entrepreneurship Week thereby helping Makers make sense.

It was quite interesting to explore the types of solutions that can be developed with the Intel RealSense camera. Here are some of the ideas that came through for the Intel RealSense camera:

  • DectorCRime
  • No-Lie Device
  • Smart Hospital
  • Skin Tone Detector
  • Patient Emergency Alerts

Makers also completed Business Model Canvas aspects in the quest to finding and making Business Sense out of their ideas. The Intel RealSense camera is only available for developers in South Africa, we can't wait for mass-production and help Makers take their solutions to the people for socio-economic benefit.

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