I am of a belief that "You are not hardcore unless you live hardcore". Being an Entrepreneur in 2015 is one of the most popular things to be but we need to be true to ourselves and not embark on the journey just because the The Girl Next Door is in it.

There is more to being an Entrepreneur than meet the eye, the suits and the economical-correct jargon and I will be sharing my experience of the Entrepreneurship ecosystem as a member of the Geekulcha movement.

A motto you will often hear about Entrepreneurship is that Entrepreneurs are problem solvers while finding value out of it and of course you need establish and nurture a business. You will have to agree that a business is not a business if it does not have a customer and this is one of the most important points to consider when embarking on this journey.

How many times have you heard this: "I decided to quit my job and focus on my Business", mmmmh I could have generated R13 629.44 revenue if my business was to listen to that for a cent. That's how the journey normally starts.

Do I think everyone should be an entrepreneur? No, Entrepreneurship is not for everyone but I am proud of people out there willing to take the risk in this journey that is not meant for the faint-hearted. Many people enter with a lot of courage, many live or leave with regret.

Entrepreneurship is about timing, you have to know when to enter, when to focus more on rewards, when to celebrate and when to leave. I often compare Entrepreneurship to marriage, you as the wife and your business is the husband, your business can abusive and it is okay to let go.

Survival of the fittest? What are the values and customs of my culture?

Entrepreneurs know and understand their business and the value it provides to the customer(s). They understand all the risks involved and are willing to put in extra effort into it. Entrepreneurs live in an ecosystem, it is important to network and build networks and good relationships with other Entrepreneurs. Stay focused towards a dream and be value and goal-driven.

No matter how difficult Entrepreneurship may be, one has to embrace it as a culture. It is important to "do it, do it sooo good so that they don't know what to do with themselves".

Let's encourage our youngsters to try out the journey in Entrepreneurship and let's also be fair, tell them about failure and how to embrace it.

Celebrate Entrepreneurship as a culture - the world needs heroes and that hero is just in the mirror.