As part of the programme, a Tech Debate was hosted to stimulate and engage the youngsters in conte, blockchain for the electoral voting system, PoPI act violation in the 4th Industrial Revolution and others.

There were 4 debate sessions, each with it's own debate topic to discuss current digital affairs in the country.

  • S1A vs S1O: This house believes that people should pay TV licences for content on mobile phones

  • S2A vs S2O: This house believes that the 4th Industrial Revolution tech emergence will lead to the violation of the PoPI act

  • S3A vs S3O: This house believes that cheaper data prices will help create more digital jobs in South Africa

  • S4A vs S4O: This house believes that Blockchain is the future of the electoral voting system in South Africa

Youngsters from N.M. Tsuene High School won the Tech Debate on the Affirmative side: This House Believes That cheaper data prices will help create more digital jobs the digital transformation process.

The gave a sterling argument on the trend that of digital platforms enabling more jobs and accelerating startups.

The Tech Debate in Photos: