It's the next breed of Leaders, they will be digitally equipped as that will be a key skill for survival in the civilization. Geekulcha in collaboration The Innovation Hub and the City of Tshwane hosted the holiday Vacation Work programme, March 2019 edition of the programme was in Soweto and Tshwane.

From 18 to 23 March, young minds sacrificed their holidays sleep by spending the holidays with the Geeks learning how to code, work on real-life projects and how to build own startups. On the finale of the programme, the two cities (Joburg and Tshwane) battled it out on digital knowledge during the VacWork Tech Debate.


The Debate was Moderated by Rochelle Makhubela who is part of the Geekulcha Student Society at the Tshwane University of Technology.

Four Sessions, Four Topics

The Tech Debate is setup with 4 sessions on 4 different topics, some aligned with the VacWork theme - Digitizing the Evolution: Geography, History, Arts and Space.

Session 1: Mapenane Secondary School (A) VS Visionaries (O)

This House Believes That the 4th Industrial shifts are not accommodating the people in the rural and township areas.


The Affirmative side (Mapenane Secondary School) opened the debate by arguing that the 4th Industrial Revolution is characterized by speed and as such, the shifts are not accommodating the people in the rural and township areas.

Opposing side (Visionaries) painted a picture of how easily supermarkets can be transformed in rural areas for a 'connected shopping'.

Session 2: Abel Motshoane Secondary School (A) VS Sketch Inc. (O)

This House Believes That it's important that South Africa send inhabitants to space in 10 years time.


"I hear you talking but how will this help the ordinary people?", team Sketch Inc. asked as they opposed the motion. They argued that a rocket ship costs about R500 Million to accommodate only 3 people - they don't see it as a benefit.

The Affirmative side (Abel Motshoane Secondary School) cited job creation and the fact that the Department of Science and Technology already has a budget for space programmes, it's important grow talent and study other forms of line in space.

Session 3: Still Loading VS Independents

This House Believes That a comprehensive monitoring of social media is an effective way to address Cyber Bullying.


Affirmative side (Still Loading) stated their case and defined the topic, highlighting that Hatred and Jealously are key things on top of Cyber Bullying.

To oppose, the Opposing side (Independents) brought forward Bills and efforts in place that are set addressing the problem. "Where does it stop?... the problem is not about being online but with bullying itself."

Session 4: Space Aliens VS HL Setlalentoa

This House Believes That Open Publication is a great solution to preserve history.


The Space Aliens defended their case on why Open Publication is a great solution to preserve history. "Why call it history if are setting it up for a failure?", Palesa of team Space Aliens asked.

The Winners

At the end, it was team Sketch Inc. consisting of the young minds from Bukho Bami that won the tech debate.

The Tshimologong Makerspace sponsored the lazer-cut trophy for the winning team of the Tech Debate.


The trophy is literally lit as filled with Tech and is remote controlled. Changes colours.

Watch the Tech Debate: