Yet another VacWork programme for high school learners took place to train and enable youngsters build products/services through ICT, 03 - 07 October. This time, the programme focused on building healthcare systems for this smartb growing world.

About 30 youngsters from around Gauteng sacrificed their early morning sleep to Spend Holidays with the Geeks by attending the work-simulated programme aimed at building the Digital Capacity and skills needed for the world of tomorrow, today.

Attending from 09:00 till 16:00. The youngsters were assigned mentors who helped them build their solutions.

The programme is powered by The Innovation Hub, mLab Southern Africa, City of Tshwane and collaborates with the Layyers in mentoring the youngsters.

ReHealth Africa is an initiative by mLab Southern Africa and CSIR Meraka to give a platform for mobile health solutions. The youngsters were guided and helped see various opportunities offered by the initiative.

On the 4th day, the youngsters got opportunity to visit Telkom Business Connexion and got to learn from them.

Here is what they got up to during the programme:

Here are the photos of the VacWork programme:

GKVacWork FInale