The Youth VacWork program takes in a number of high scholars to a simulated and co-creative working environment, get trained and build projects with ICT tools. Youngsters spend their Holidays With The Geeks, the Northern Cape crew and community get to redistribute theirskills/knowledge with the young ones.

Assigned to mentors, the youngsters come up with projects based on the VacWork edition’s theme. They get to experience a real working environment and processes of the job market by reporting to work from 09:00 till 16:00 and send daily feedback, 09 - 13 July 2018. This edition is taking place at the Empilisweni Youth Centre in Prieska.

The Theme: Northern Cape Green Pipeline: Innovation, Economy and Technology​ is set as a theme for the July 2018 programme.

The youngsters braced the coldness to come gain working experience at the programme. With over 50 youngsters taking part, they are challenged to build solutions that will ensure sustainability of the province while building the economic of the province.

Each group is treated as a tech startup with as they build their products or services. A business case of the solution will be presented during the final presentations on the 13th.

A Tech Debate will take place on the last day of the VacWork, with 8 teams completing for a trophy. This is aimed at building Digital Excitation and interest onto the youngsters.