It was a cold and dry morning of a late winter Monday, the Geeks were exhausted after having survived 42 hours of Code at the 2014th Geekulcha Annual Hackathon. The birds were singing and flying in what would be assumed as a cordinated flow to possibly caution the Geeks in Tshwane to Code with to tidiness. Cloud Computing had not gone fully mainstream by then

It was then when the Geekulcha Vacation Work programme was formed. Four enthusiastic young minds were to Spend Holidays with the Geeks, being mentored and taught how to Code during their school holidays.


The main focus of the gkVacWork programme is on skills development and fostering entrepreneurship and innovation that will make young minds to be active leaders of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry in the future.

Embracing the value of Skills Redistribution and Mentorship

As South Africa embraces the 4th Industrial Revolution, we believe that the Geek Culture must be guided. The champions in the various fields must be able to help shape and build capacity for us to thrive.

For growth, one needs people who can help him/her find their place, build leisure, evaluate, caution and help you channel and reach the end goal. Geekulcha has always championed the need to show and build the value of mentorship from a very early age.

Getting inolved and hands-on

During their holidays, universiy students may volunter as mentors at the Vacation Work programme for high scholars in the different provinces. A time to give back while also learning through the process.

On the last day, scholars get to choose and motivate on a Best Mentor to be given a prize.

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#gkVacWork April 2018 Finale