The Geekulcha VacWork program takes in a number of high scholars to a simulated and co-creative working environment, get trained and build projects with ICT tools. Youngsters spend their Holidays With The Geeks. The Geekulcha crew and community get to redistribute their skills/knowledge with their young ones.

Assigned to mentors, the youngsters come up with projects based on the VacWork edition’s theme. Powered by The Innovation Hub, the ypungsters will get to experience a real working environment and processes of the job market by reporting to work from 09:00 till 16:00, 03 - 07 April 2018.

Up to 125 youngsters in Johannesburg, Tshwane and Ekurhuleni are taking part in this edition of the VacWork.

The Theme: Digital Age - Community Enablement and Safety is set as a theme for the April 2018 programme.

This is in collaboration with The Innovation Hub, the City of Tshwane, The Business Clinic, mLab Southern Africa, Geek_In_U, Bukho Bami and the Geekulcha Student Society (TUT).


The programme is also supported by the ITWeb's Brainstom Magazine and Standard Bank.

More 20 university students have applied as volunteers for the programme and will be helping the youngsters build their projects. "The VacWork is a skills redistribution programme where Geekulcha community members get to transfer skills to the younger ones", says Tiyani Nghonyama, the programme's strategic lead.

More Info:

Throughout the programme, the youngsters will be building mobile apps, web applications, electronics systems and graphic solutions. ALl these have to make business-sense when they present on the 7th.

A Tech Debate is also hosted on the final day to engage and spark more interest onto young people in the Digital Transformation process. There will be 3 rounds, 7 sessions and 7 tech topics for the debate. A trophy will be crowned to the debate kings.

This is the battle of the cities, all the youngsters will present their solutions on the 7th at The Innovation Hub. Top 3 teams and spot prizes will given to the winners.