The Geekulcha Student Society (GKSS) was first established at the Sol Plaatje University in Kimberley Northern Cape, 2015. GKSS seeks to grow a Geek Culture on campus to stimulate, cultivate and accelerate Student Innovation. A team of 6 members became the faces of Geekulcha at the newly established university.

Of the leaders was Ms Nomfundo Nkosi as the Chairperson and Ms Joyce Munetsi as the PR Manager, both studied Information Technology (Applications Development) at the university.

For the first ever graduations at the university, both these ladies graduated with Cum Laude at their studies and named Top Achievers in IT. We strongly believe that Geeks will rule the world one day and this is boss.

Join us in congratulating these ladies as they take on the ICT world with a storm.

Here are some of the things they did as GKSS Leaders:

  • Establishment of the NCDev Ecosystem (website)
  • Student mentors in programming
  • Led girls meet-ups to increase confidence in varsity
  • Brought the first Hackathon in the Northern Cape province
  • Led youth empowerment programmes at the National Science Week

These are amongst the brilliant minds our country and field has to offer - people who stand up to take action.

Future employers and industry leaders, we support them in this journey of building their path and the future they want to see.