It's a start of a new decade, new possibilities arise - will Africa take a greater stand in this decade? New Geeks are born and take on a Digital Mission to change our world as we know it. Geekulcha has set a focus on 'Enterprising Mankind: Social, Civic and Inclusive'. While  celebrating Human Excellence, there will be more efforts are being ignited towards a more sustainable Geek Culture.

Meet Fikile Mlangeni

I am Fikile Mlangeni, founder of FikileM Advertising Agency. I am a Digital Content creator, a marketer and happy to officially intern with Geekulcha as their Digital Officer.

Brief background, my journey started at the Geekulcha VacWork back in 2015, I was in the 11th grade at that time. After my matric which was around 2017, I started doing some cool stuff with the Geekulcha team.

Snapping-away at #WRCHack2019

I got certified in Digital Marketing and founded my business the very same year. From then till now, I’ve been one of the fingers behind the Geekulcha social media pages, driving content through social media live chatting at Hackathons and Tech-trainings.

About FikileM Advertising Agency:

We are a multimedia agency that helps businesses and brands capitalize their digital presence. We do so by offering various digital marketing solutions i.e. social media management, marketing and advertising as well as events live-chatting. You can find us on various social media platforms

My journey has been a shaky yet fun, filled with lessons and great progress. 2019 had its down moments but I made so much progress.

Herewith my 3 favourite things about the year 2019 in the digital space:

Smarter Chats (chatbots)

Thanks to the evolution of technology, customer service has never been so satisfying. Chatbots have become a major means of communication, improving customer experience and allowing marketers to better engage with their audience without really doing much. I installed WhatsApp Business Messaging, it offers real-time assistance and proactive interactions even when I’m not there, makes a customer feels prioritized.

Search Engine Optimization

As more users are busy with their online activities using their smartphones, this allows marketers to leverage their movements to attract their audience’s attention. Whenever a customer searches for something or makes a purchase online, marketers can take advantage of these types of micro-movements to create targeted content and advertising.

In these movements, when customers “want to go to, want to know or want to buy”, they’re drawn to brands that deliver to their needs.

Live videos and stories

Thanks to Facebook and Instagram, video content is fast growing, driving traffic and generating even greater impressions than posts published on the newsfeed. There was a time I stopped posting content on my Instagram feed and only shared stories for about a month, this grew my following and engagement way faster.

With Live Streaming, you can literally reach a broader audience as the apps help drive more engagement by inviting people to watch your video, this totally boosts social channels traffic.

The success of my business was fueled by my Personal Brand, I’ll break this down to 3 ways. Here’s how:

  1. First thing was to Niche down to 1 thing, with which people can know I’m the go-to girl for Social Media Business. I then established myself as an authoritative figure, Google became my friend in this regard. Did a lot of research, took online courses, purchased eBooks, got a mentor and most importantly customized strategies that are proven to work in my industry and put it to practice.
  2. I created a home for my brand by means of a blog. I put up all the cool work I’ve done there, all the brands I’ve worked with and shared valuable content.
  3. I developed my brand image and built credibility, then used my influence to drive traffic to my business, this also meant attending networking events and sharing about the work we do in my business.

In 2020 the learning continues, and so does the hustle. I’m looking forward to:

  • More and more learning, as I’ll be starting a new journey in public relations
  • Travelling to different communities, changing lives and equipping young minds with the Geekulcha team
  • I’m looking forward to making more business partners and expanding my network
  • Growing a solid team in my business
  • Securing a bigger bag !