In the world of the Digital Age, we need to be reaching out and consume as much information as possible. There are times when we want to know more.

Youngsters from Giyani, accompanied by their teachers, embarked on a journey to Pretoria to visit Geekulcha to learn more about the world of ICT and Entrepreneurship on 27 May 2016.

The Innovation Hub, South African National Space Agency (SANSA) and mLab Southern Africa helped us in welcoming the youngsters. It was a day of learn, exploration and setting path in the world of ICT.

Mr Ogone Ntwae sparked more interest into both scholars and teachers with the idea of the Youth FabLab, an initiative by The Innovation and the City of Tshwane.

Hosted at The Innovation Hub's Knowledge Centre, the youngsters got a one day experience of the Geekulcha VacWork programme mentored by the Geeks. SANSA did a workshop to bring Space Enlightenment onto the youngsters through interactive maps.

They were introduced to the Hour of Code where they obtained the certificates by completing the tasks.

On this day, we got to experience a more variety of possibilities from Giyani. The learners were enthusiastic about the upcoming Geekulcha annual hackathon (GKHack16) and idea of the Geekulcha VacWork in Giyani.

They got an opportunity to tour the different areas of The Innovation Hub such as the Youth FabLab, mLab and the BioPark.

We are glad that they had a great time in Pretoria, Geekulcha commits to bringing the VacWork in Giyani in efforts to growing ICT skills.

Here are the photos from the day's visit.

Through collaborative work, we can empower more people for the benefit of the masses. We are looking forward to hosting more youth as they find their path in life.