Around this time last year, Geekulcha was celebrating having won the 2016 ICT Achievers Award in the Local Industrialization category. It was a great moment to receive the recognition for our role revolutionizing the Culture of Geeks in South Africa. We are thrilled to be ending the year on a similar high note.

The Black Business Quarterly Awards by Big Time Group hosted their 16th annual edition of the awards and Geekulcha was nominated in The Innovation Hub's New and Innovative Business category. "The nomination came in as a shock, we are still curious to know who nominated Geekulcha but nonetheless, we thank them for the consideration and recognition of our work", says Tiyani Nghonyama, the COO of Geekulcha.

As an organization that always aimed to do more with less, Geekulcha welcomes this new award and appreciates how it complements the ICT award that was won last year.

CEO of Geekulcha, Mixo Ngoveni emphasizes that the real award winners are the Geekulcha crew and community members who had played crucial role in the growth of the Geekulcha platform. "This isn't an individual Award but one that belongs to the GK crew."

After this award, Geekulcha does recognize that more still needs to be done in driving and growing the tech ecosystem. We invite you to be part of this journey.