At Geekulcha, we believe that the foundation of IT as a solution provider should start early in schooling. Many students select IT as a career path with little knowledge of the industry and also having had little hands on experience with the IT community. To address this matter, Geekulcha launched an initiative in July 2014.

The Geekulcha Vacation Work (GKVacWork) programme is aimed at creating IT awareness in high schools and showing young students how to use ICT to solve every day issues. It highlights the importance of IT across all industries and provides students with the opportunity to be involved in current IT developments during school holidays.

This round of the Geekulcha programme ran from 22 March to 1 April 2016 in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Soweto. 100 students were taken into the programme from grade 6 to grade 11. The youngsters used mobile apps, web applications, electronics systems, art, graphic design and business development tools to give solutions to bring efficiency to living in smart cities.

Here’s what some of the Geeks had to say:

What are the lessons you have learned from the programme?

Bongani (18): “You should think out of the box instead of thinking inside the box. I am smarter than I think I am. I must be innovative. Any crazy idea is perfect”

Tshenolo (15): “I learned that everything is theoretically impossible until proven possible”

Nthatuoa (15): “I learned computer literacy, business model canvas, value proposition canvas, coding, creating a device using arduino board, preparing for presentation and PowerPoint.”

Tshegofatso (16): “I learned communication skills, how to participate in group work and also to be responsible in the tasks that I am given”

What advice can you give the youth about joining the IT industry?

Bongani (18): “IT is the most important weapon we use to change the world. Join IT and feel the fun”

Zinhle (15): “IT is fun and effective, it just needs commitment and focus”

Thabiso (17): I would advise them to join the IT industry as we live in a world that is forever developing and upgrading technology”

Michelle (15): “You must be determined and open minded, always speak your mind and be a hard worker. Joining the IT industry is a good idea and an opportunity for great things”

What do you like most about the IT industry?

Jessica (16): “You can do anything using technology”

Milo (16): “The fact that you take a challenge and you’re never alone because even the opposition can help you out when you stuck or struggling”

Michelle (15): “It empowers young minds and gives us the opportunity to explore the IT world (industry)”

We would like to thank everyone who has made the GKVacWork possible. More programmes will be run and information will be made available on the GK website to register.