Geekulcha this! Geekulcha that! I come across a lot of people who want to know about this Geekulcha thing. They usually want to know what it is. What does it do? Where is it based? How can they become part of it? How different is it from INNOvatorz.IT? Let me break it down

Geekulcha is a vibrant young tech company which I founded and it’s incubated at mLab. We had to go through a re-branding phase from INNOvatorz.IT to Geekulcha. The re-branding has been an interesting learning curve which I will share some other time. Geekulcha has two main models which are the Business model and the community for IT students. I will be explaining the IT community for students because I feel it’s the core and heartbeat of Geekulcha

The name Geekulcha

Geekulcha is a fusion of Geek and Culture. The word culture was changed to Kulcha and we decide to combine the last K from geeK with the first K from Kulcha. The end result of that is a cool name called Geekulcha

The Community

Geekulcha brings together IT students, young IT professionals and anyone who has an interest in IT and technology so they can share ideas, collaborate on projects, learn more about the IT industry and the latest trends and technologies. Through the Geekulcha platform the tech community gets to interact, have discussions, debate on IT related subjects and share their knowledge with each other.

Our aim is to create a culture of innovation, creativity, development and entrepreneurship amongst our fellow youth, especially those doing IT.

Currently most of our activities are done in and around Gauteng but there has been a huge from other students in other provinces to bring the activities to them. We are putting plans together to take some of the activities nationally so expect Geekulcha at a campus near you

Creative Space

School is a great place to learn about the IT world but at Geekulcha we believe that you need to put what you learned to work. It’s not just about studying, passing then hoping to get a job. You need to put your skills to work while you are still studying. You need to constantly polish your skills. This will help you standout when searching for a job and might even lead you to creating something innovative. That is The Geekulcha way

So through Geekulcha our community gets to attend tech events and take part in competitions that happen all over the country. This creates a platform for them to express themselves and put their skills to work. We have seen in the past students who have created some really cool things and some have even gone to won competitions like Microsoft’s WOWZAPP hackathon, Info Devs m2Work and Startup Weekend

Connecting with the IT industry

We have a very strong network of industry leaders and tech companies and are looking at building more relationships with the tech industry. This helps us to take some of our community members to varies companies so they can get a bit of industry exposure and have a better understanding of what their potential employers do and what kind of people they recruit

Platform for Growth

The main core of Geekulcha is to see our fellow members develop their skills which the IT industry desperately needs. To help them grow their skills we create workshops for them throughout industry networks. They either go to the companies or we bring the companies to the different academic institutions. Most of our workshops and training have been around mobile apps development but we will be expanding beyond mobile development so we can cover as many IT fields as possible.

What else?


We have spotted so many talented young techs that are doing some really cool and interesting things and we want to give them a platform to shine and showcase their work. So get creative, get coding, work on those innovative ideas and develop that app

Girls in tech

There will be a section within Geekulcha that will focus strictly on girls. It will also be run and branded by them. We can’t allow our sisters to sit back and shy away for IT

Grooming young Talent

Our Brainstorming team has decided that we filter back to Primary and high schools so we can start grooming the young ones while they are still fresh.

How to connect with us?

We are busy developing our website and mobile apps which will be made public once completed.  In the meantime you can use the following ways to connect with us and see what we get up to

Twitter: @Geekulcha

Facebook Page:

Facebook group for lots of discussions:

Geekulcha Youtube channel