Data, Data, Data! A lot of data, all around us, in many forms, there is a whole lot of it. Why should we care? Is it even available to us? What we need is Open Data, data that is freely available to use and can be distributed by anyone, machines or a set of sensors.

Our friends at Code4SA are on a mission to establish a National Open Data portal. To get the momentum going, Code4SA drove Open Data Quest workshops in Cape Town, Durban and Pretoria to get data fans, journalists, designers, programmers and enthusiasts to join efforts in liberating South African data.

We co-hosted the Pretoria workshop with The Innovation Hub and Htxt Africa on the 24th of October where 47 Gauteng data worshippers took part.

#SAOpenData - join the quest, we are rich in data.

Five teams came up with story angles for the data sets availed on the Code4SA Open Data platform.

Open Data revolution has started in South Africa we hope you will join us in this journey. See you soon and keep finding meaning in that data.