The South African tech ecosystem grows at own pace with various activities taking place on the ground. We need to assess, monitor, nurture, account, guide and forecast the grow of the digital ecosystem. #AutumnDevDays is a 5-day event of Coding creating an enabling environment (online and physical) for local techies to connect and build capacity on their Data skills.


Physical event (04 May) Information:

  • Venue: The Innovation Hub, Pretoria
  • Time: 09:00 - 17:00
  • Target: Aspiring developers, high school learners, designers, government officials/techies, adults, etc.
  • More Info:

The Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) and Afrobarometer are two organisations that conduct large-scale research surveys to understand how young (and older) people view South Africa, government and political parties. This data is useful for predicting how youth may vote in the upcoming election.

CHALLENGE: Use open survey data to identify which service delivery issues are most important to young people in South Africa, in different provinces for different race/income.

As South Africa elect the 6th Democratic Government, it's important to identify and highlight key issues of need. It's also of great interest to derive a people-guided Integrated Development Plan (IDP) for cities.

Led by Dr Paul Plantinga, the participants will be guided and pointed to Data sources in building up the data-centred solutions.