The South African tech ecosystem grows at own pace with various activities taking place on the ground. We need to assess, monitor, nurture, account, guide and forecast the grow of the digital ecosystem. #AutumnDevDays is a 5-day event of Coding creating an enabling environment (online and physical) for local techies to connect and build capacity on their Data skills.


Physical event (04 May) Information:

  • Venue: The Innovation Hub, Pretoria
  • Time: 09:00 - 17:00
  • Target: Aspiring developers, high school learners, designers, government officials/techies, adults, etc.
  • More Info:

Puting Vulekamali Budget Data into Action

440366d6521e442dd016aedb1825a3f9ea44e3c5 is a project by the South African National Treasury and Imali Yethu, a coalition of civil society organisations with the goal of making government budget data and processes accessible to all citizens & interested parties.


CHALLENGE: Make use of Budget Data on the Vulekamali website to build solutions that drives/enables impact in the society

As is well known internationally through ranking in the 2017 Open Budget Index (OBI), South Africa came 1st out of 115 countries, sharing this position with New Zealand.


National Treasury already publishes extensive budgetary information on its website, however it has been observed over time that the use of this data is not as extensive as it could be.

What local techies, innovators, citizens, entrepreneurs, economists, data scientists, etc. do with the budget data is crirical. AutumnDevDays is yet another platform aiming to building awareness and utilization of the platform.

Checkout to see some of the projects on the ground.

Help South Africa stay on top: Analyze. Question. Request. Suggest. Build. What will you make with the Data on the Vulekamali portal? Let it have social impact.