The Northern Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism seeks to expand and plug the program in rural communities of the Northern Cape.

The Geekulcha VacWork program takes in a number of high scholars to a real and co-creative working environment, get trained and build projects with ICT tools.

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To stimulate the minds of the youngsters, a Tech Debate was curated for them to engage in various digital aspects of life during the ICT and Business VacWork. Topics ranged from social media, digital currency to artificial intelligence and others.

THBT = 'This House Believes That'

First Round Sessions

  • S1: THBT technology has made people to be more lazy
  • S2: THBT digital education must be provided at every school
  • S3: THBT digital currency will help eradicate poverty in Africa
  • S4: THBT social media is killing a way of human interaction

Second Round Sessions

  • S1 vs S2: THBT social media increases suicide rate onto youth
  • S3 vs S4: THBT robots should be used in fighting wars


Team TACU vs Speedo's: THBT robots should pay tax

Facilitator: Edward Matiwane, MD - Diamond Creative Vision Hub

Allowing robots to fight wars has a risk of the robots being hacked by the enemy and make the turn against us

The debate consisted of 3 rounds and 7 sessions (7 minutes each) of different topics and elimination rounds with 4 judges and a moderator.

Mixed between Afrikaans and English, the debate got heated and taught the youngsters the ability to think on their feet. We hope that this will fuel more interest in digital activities.

Here are the photos

#gkVacWork Kalahari - Tech Debate