The Kimberley Diamond Cup have about 15 national tours as a build-up to the Skateboarding World Championships happening, 03 - 08 October in Kimberley.

The stop came to Durban to scout talent in the regional qualifier event, the Grand Slam. We joined our skater friends in this tour to see if Durban has what it takes to represent the country.

Of course, the Geeks are more interested in Tech hence we have established the SkateHacks initiative to put tech onto skateboards to make them smart and cool. It's always great to hear from skaters of how cool they want their skateboards to be. All skaters almost everywhere want their skateboards to fly!

This is part of the Northern Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism's mission to use skateboarding to attract more youth into Science and Technology.

Skateboarding brings a whole new world of possibilities through its ability to bring about livelihood, creativity and fulfilment in the lives of the skaters. KDC in particular, champions the Skateboarding For Hope reach out to various communities.

Great time in Durban, congratulations to all the winners who grabbed all the R50 000.00 that was on offer.

We are looking forward for the bigger event in October and rallying behind our local boys and girls as they take on world skaters.