2016: Rise of the Geeks

Last year was quite eventful for Geekulcha. Through hosting a multitude of successful hackathons, initiatives and launching the Northern Cape Developer (NCDev) Ecosystem, Geekulcha was able »

Disruptive Technology

Disruptive technology is a result of a market-driven technology evolution where customers want an instant response from business and business wants to have a single view »

Holiday with the Geeks

The Geekulcha Vacation Work Programme saw a number of youngsters flock into mLab at the Innovation Hub to learn. The activities included building mobile apps, web »

Enterprise Architecture

The Enterprise architecture (EA) practise uses collaborative design methods, standard architectural frameworks and general patterns to manage the complexity of large scale enterprise changes without losing »

Social Engineering

“The Art of Human Hacking” as Christopher Hadnagy describes it. This is a non-technical form of authorized information gathering. It relies heavily on human interaction. In »

Cloud enablement

The cloud environment is coupled with internet based data exchange and access, and internet based access to low cost computing and applications. The characteristics of cloud »